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The company’s commitment was established by Mr. Ibnu Rusyd Elwahby and team to become a reliable national company, further developing trading Dredger, Conveyor and Geotube® .

PT. INTAN SARANA TEKNIK is a regional company established in 2012 in Jakarta, a company that specialized in pumping solution, desludging, and water treatment services that comprising of a team senior and young professional with extensive experience of field. Based on the involvement of PT. INTAN SARANA TEKNIK in desludging and water treatment in several great Companies such as PT. ADARO INDONESIA Tabalong, PT. NHM (NUSA HALMAHERA MINERALS), PT. SAKA ENERGI INDONESIA, BWWS Batam and PT. INTAN SARANA TEKNIK gained a reputable reputation as a proven service-based company of desludging and water treatment. PT. INTAN SARANA TEKNIK have been 8 years of experience doing Geotube® , pumps, and Slurry Handling in the mining industry, oil and gas, others.

PT. Intan Sarana Teknik is a company engaged in the field of Mining and Industrial Support Services, with supply and services as follows :

  • Pumping System and Supply Dredger Pump, Dewatering Pump and Process Pump
  • Water and Slurry Management Services / Slurry Handling with Geotube® and Dredger technology.


PT. INTAN SARANA TEKNIK have a Bussiness of  the scope: engineering design, construction, application and solution of CME (Civil, Mechanical, electrical), Services for Desludge-Dewatering, Dredging, Chemical and water treatment.

Our Vision

Being a National Company professional in the field of pumping system and pumping solution.

Our Mission

  • Take an active role in instilling and growing employees awareness of the importance of quality production and concern for health, safety and environment
  • Building professional work for employees to improve welfare
  • Be an important part in supporting national development
  • Contribute directly to the development of the surrounding environment


If your company need industrial solution, We are available for your company.

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