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Slurry Management

In an open-pit or open-cut mine with a large catchment area, thousands of cubic metres of rainfall runoff slurry may flow into the pit everyday. The slurry should be removed from the pit to allow the continuation of mineral extraction by pumping it out into settling ponds. When the settling ponds are full with sediments and where there are no options in mine extraction planning, cost budgeting and space availability, the mining corporation faces a threat of ceasing its operations.

TenCate Geotube dewatering technology is the answer to the problems that occur in slurry management. Slurry in the pit and settling ponds can be managed according to the needs of the mining operations with effective long term planning that will bring cost benefits to the mining corporation without compromising environmental and safety aspects.

What We Do

A large Indonesian mining corporation operating an open-pit coal mine in a remote part of South Kalimantan, Indonesia, faced a problem on how to dewater run off sediment from settling ponds that had reached their capacity.

The mine which produces and exports tens of millions of tons of coal a year collects and disposes sludge from their open-pits and catchment areas into ponds covering very large areas. Constructing new ponds was not an option due to the lack of available land space and government regulations. Thus, the decision was made to dewater and renew the life cycle of the existing settling ponds.

After a technical evaluation from a pilot scale project, it was decided that TenCate Geotube containers will rovide the best means of dewatering and containing the run off sediments from settling ponds. To reduce carbon footprint and optimize land space, the Geotube containers was stacked and placed at the disposal areas.

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