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Is a drying method that can be widely used in various applications both large and small scale. With a simple process system, fast and low cost workmanship compared to conventional methods. Tencate Geotube Geotube® technology involves the permeable containment of fills and wastes using specially engineered textiles. These spec

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IST also provides pumping system which includes Pump Unit, Piping, Valve and Electrical. This system has two main functions namely the fluid system and as the fluid circulation system. Gorman Rupp Self-Priming Centrifugal Pumps Gorman Rupp self Priming centrifugal pumps are easy to install and easy to service. Because they’re self priming, they can be mounted high and dry at floor level,with

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Dredger is a ship that has special specifications as well as levelling tools that operate on the ground. IST designs and creates dredgers sccording to the specifications that consumers want. We build CSD (Cutter Suction Dredger) to meet the needs of the customer in all of thetechnical aspects and costs. We design it efficiently including maintenance costs, fuel usageand production so it is profit

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