Dredger is a ship that has special specifications as well as levelling tools that operate on the ground. IST designs and creates dredgers sccording to the specifications that consumers want.

We build CSD (Cutter Suction Dredger) to meet the needs of the customer in all of thetechnical aspects and costs. We design it efficiently including maintenance costs, fuel usageand production so it is profitable to all company that use our product.

We always develop the ability of CSD Banter to become much better with the feedback fromour customers and engineers. In the building process, there are always improvements thatwe apply for the next production dredger , Assembly System, machining, hydraulic system,pump dredging, reability, operating system and productivity. We use and test models with3D modeling computer so that the design and testing process runs faster.

We can always make a good improvements because we are supported by the spirit ofinnovation and advancing the shipping industry especially CSD in regional south east Asia tocompete with other countries.



To determine the capacity and final specifications that we offer, there will be few changes ofthe capacity and specification according to CSD needs in the field. We expect the design willbe compatible with environmental conditions and the production capacity desired by ourcustomers.

For this reason, it is necessary to have a location survey and accurate information regardingsome basic design parameters as follows:

  1. Dredging locations (beach, river, lake, mining)
  2. The type of road class to be passed in shipping, and the availability of crane tools at the assembly location. (Class I, Class II, Class III)
  3. Type of soil to be dredged (sand, gravel, mud, clay, etc.)
  4. Dredging Depth (m)
  5. Average existing base depth (m)
  6. Wave height, current speed (knots; m / s)
  7. Solid production target (m3 / hr)
  8. Distance / length of the exhaust pipe (m)
  9. Difference total head elevation between water level and material disposal level (m)
  10. Estimated budget / budget
  11. Delivery time ( weeks )

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