Is a drying method that can be widely used in various applications both large and small scale. With a simple process system, fast and low cost workmanship compared to conventional methods.

Tencate Geotube

Geotube® technology involves the permeable containment of fills and wastes using specially engineered textiles. These specially engineered textiles enable the passage of water while at the same time retain the solids component of the container fill and also any contaminants present. Geotube® containers are supplied in a range of shapes and sizes depending on the application. These can be tubularshaped, bag-shaped, mattress-shaped, or more general container-shaped. Today, our Geotube® technology is focused on two application areas – hydraulic engineering and environmental engineering.

Geotube® technology for hydraulic engineering Here, the Geotube® technology is used to contain sandfill in order to provide erosion resistant structural units. These sandfill containment units are used for a wide variety of hydraulic and marine engineering applications.

Geotube® technology for environmental engineering Here, the Geotube® technology is used tocontain and dewater slurry wastes. Where environmental dredging of contaminated sedimentsis performed the safe onshore containment and remediation of these sediments is crucial. Inmany instances dewatering is employed to significantly reduce the sediment storage volumeDewatering, Low Cost and High-Volume Solutions.

The TenCate Geotube® dewatering Container is an effective dewatering technology madefrom special textiles to provide fine solid retaining material inside the container, whilewater is supplied special textiles process. When the water is released, the materialcontinues to be compacted and consolidated.or sufficient to be transported, severaloptions are available to dispose of the material that has been deatering.

Geotube® dewatering containers are made using high-strength tensile strength stichingtechniques into tubular shapes, nags or other forms with on-site charging ports or otherconditions. The siza of the container can be adjusted to use land is ideal for a limited area. TheGeotube® dewatering container is designed to optimize retention rates, release rates andquality of solid waste making it a very efficient an environmentally friendly solution for a varietyof sludge dewatering applications.

Benefits Of Geotube Container Dewatering:

  • Highly effective technology for reducing the volume and retention of solids
  • The release rate is high with a clear filtrate that can be played back through the system
  • Adjustable containers depend on expensive and limited lan use
  • Solids that are easy to move and move
  • Efficient, versatile and environmentally

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